“Pray for your mother, for she is the beating heart that with the grace of Allah brought you into this world.”
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Patterns by William Morris, part III.

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You must learn her.

You must know the reason why she is silent. You must trace her weakest spots. You must write to her. You must remind her that you are there. You must know how long it takes for her to give up. You must be there to hold her when she is about to.

You must love her because many have tried and failed. And she wants to know that she is worthy to be loved, that she is worthy to be kept.

And, this is how you keep her.

— Junot Diaz- This is How you Lose Her (via theworldismyplayground001)

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“So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?”
— Hunter S. Thompson  (via thelittlephilosopher)

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“Make it happen. Shock everyone.”
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What is the meaning of Patience (Sabr)? As a child we are taught to be patient so that we can arrive at something we want. We reinforce this training by telling our own children when we don’t want to buy something they want straight away “soon, soon, be patient and you will get it soon.” People say this to their Son several times. Children are smart and after only a few times of hearing this response he would reply: “Patience, patience, when is the end of patience!”

This brings us to the essential quality of Patience – timelessness. Patience has no boundaries, no limits. It is the refinement of the human soul, because our souls are trapped in our very limited bodies. Patience is a connection with our eternal soul and a true realization of its place in the grand scheme of Allah. This timeless quality is connected in the Quran with the eternity of the gardens of paradise:

Peace be upon you for that you preserved in patience! Now how excellent is the final home!” (Quran 13:24)

The practical meaning of this is that a person cannot expect the result he/she desires at a certain point. Patience does not have an end and therefore the end that we desire (and are patiently awaiting) must be put aside. In essence the person must trust in Allah and have faith that whatever is occurring (or is not) is better that way in a plan of Allah.

- www.lionofAllah.com

“It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them. I was so preposterously serious in those days…Lightly, lightly—it’s the best advice ever given me. So throw away your baggage and go forward. There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet, trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair. That’s why you must walk so lightly. Lightly, my darling.”
— Aldous Huxley (via wordsthat-speak)

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Friends Forever” , “Into the light…” , “Male Bonding” - Louise Birch via Copenhagen Ceramics.

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